Babu's Swapnapuri Yatra , Cartoon Story

 Babu's Swapnapuri Yatra

Introduction –

  This story of mine is called Babur Swapnapuri Yatra. Through this story, I have presented the story of a small boy's life struggle. Which you can know all the events step by step through my every video and this article. How Babu overcomes all obstacles in his life to leave this world for another world, like an alien world, a dream world, where all children have the desire to go. But it is not possible to go. I am presenting that incident in front of you through this story.

Babu's Swapnapuri Yatra , Cartoon Story

Today's story is about --

Babu is a child of a very ordinary family. He lives with his parents in a small house in the village. His mother is dead. A stepmother comes into the world. His father remarried. Stepmother comes into this world. He can't stand Babu at all. Always cheeky.

Due to this, his father and mother had various problems. Babu's father could not quarrel with his mother due to being a hundred people. After that, all the anger came on Babu. He always sees him under the eyes of his stepson. He speaks harshly. Does not allow them to eat properly. They eat good food. Babu is allowed to sleep on the ground. No matter how well he does, he is scolded for every word. His stepmother cannot accept him as her own son.

Description -

  I have brought you the video form of this incident. Now I give you a little description of it.

Part I -

- In the first part of today's story, we can see that his stepmother is quarreling with his father about Babu. She wants to say that she will not allow Babu to stay with the family. And if Babu is here then he will not be here. His father tried to stop him from saying this, but he couldn't stand up to his stepmother.


Babu's stepmother comes to the house during the quarrel.

At that time, Babu was sleeping on the floor and taking a rest. But his mother came and scolded him and drove him out of the house. And says that he will never come back to this house. And let him never see this face again.

Babu cries a lot and pleads to his mother that he has no one else in this world except his parents. But his stepmother does not listen to him. Babu was forced out of the house.

His father was severely injured in this incident. Father came and made many requests to Babu's stepmother. But the stepmother informs - "No work will be done in this house against my will."

Babu leaves the house -

Babu leaves the house in sadness. And decided that he will never return to this house, this village. Wherever his mind goes, it continues.

  Second part -

As he walked, he came into the deep forest. Many terrible animals live there. But he has no time to think about these things. He is not afraid of anything. He has assumed that he will not stay here anymore. He must stay in this forest. He agrees even if he dies. In his mind, he wondered if by some divine power he could reach a dream world where his stepmother would not exist. There will be no obstacles. That would be great.

He was thinking like this when a saint appeared in front of him. Sadhu wants to know why he is crying? Why is he alone in this forest at such a young age?

After hearing all the incidents of Babu, he expressed his sorrow. And want to know what you want to do now?

  Babu, after telling him all his thoughts, directly said that I don't want to go back to my parents' house. I wish I could go to another world, like a dream world. That would be great. I don't want to live in this world of people anymore.

Hearing his words, the saint was very impressed. He said to him - OK. I will tell you the way to another world.

He instructed him on the way to the other world.

Deep in the forest -

Babu took leave of the deep forest and continued on the path shown by the saint. As he walked, he came to a deep forest. Suddenly he heard someone calling for help. Looking around he got scared seeing nothing. Scared, Babu wants to know who is calling him?

Then a big banyan tree in front of him told him that I am calling you. And the banyan tree asked him for the dry branches that were stored under the tree. To help him clean them. Because the banyan tree was suffering a lot from these branches.

Babu immediately cleaned the area under the banyan tree without thinking. The banyan tree was very pleased with him and blessed him. And wants to know that - where is he going alone in this way?

Babu tells all his events to the banyan tree.

After hearing all that had happened so far, the banyan tree said, "I have heard your stories. It is very sad. Well, whatever path you are on, I wish you success."

In another world, the road to Swapnapuri -

The banyan tree shows the way to the other world. Babu continued to walk forward on that path. As he walked, he saw a huge labyrinth of light inside the deep forest. It started moving in that direction. On the other side of that labyrinth is Babu's dream world.

So far in today's video. In the next part, we will see that how did Babu reach the world of dreams? What is happening with him in the dream world? What danger lies ahead? Babu goes to any world and reaches. Watch the video to know. And of course subscribe my YouTube channel. So that you get video updates directly. And you can read the story on my website.

  I really want your help. Regularly, through this story of mine, you can easily know what is going to happen in Babu's life one by one?

This is the story of today. I will be back soon with the next story.

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